There is a gap in the UK’s genocide responses. This is as the UK does not monitor and assess risk factors of genocide and make its own determinations to inform its responses.

The Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill aims to bridge the gap.

The Genocide Amendment enables the High Court to consider and make a preliminary determination of genocide in cases where the UK’s trading partner stands accused of committing genocide. Where the High Court makes the determination of genocide, it would refer the trade deal back to Parliament to have the final say.

The Genocide Amendment aims to prevent the UK from becoming complicit in the genocide of its trading partners, and to deter genocide by preventing the UK continuing, or striking, preferential trade deals with countries committing genocide.

The Coalition for Genocide Response strongly welcomes this initiative as a novel way of enabling the UK to come closer to honouring its obligations under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the Genocide Convention).

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Contact your MP and ask them to bridge the gap in the UK’s genocide responses.

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